Satisfy Your Customers’ Cravings With These 6 Sweet Treats

  • Nov 16, 2020

Chocolate and candy can make everyone smile! From fudge and chocolate-covered almonds to saltwater taffy and sour gummies, there are thousands of options for you to send to customers!

Here are 6 of our favorite sugary treats that will help satisfy your customer’s sweet tooth!


Advertisements don’t have to suck your marketing budget dry. These cost-effective lollipops are the perfect handout to clients who need an extra sugar kick during their busy day. Available in multiple flavors, wrap them up with your logo, and improve customer retention lickety-split.



Sold in a wide variety of flavors, jellybeans are a traditional confection that everyone loves. Slap your logo onto a bag filled with the colorful treat and send them home with employees or mail them to your most loyal customers.


Chocolate Lovers’ Box

Chocolate lovers unite! This dreamy box filled with toffee, cookies, wafer bites, and gourmet chocolates will not only satisfy every sweet tooth, but also satisfy your sales efforts.  


Stackable Candy-Filled Containers

Stack em’ and share em’ with new customers! These stackable candy-filled containers allow you to send customized sugary snacks to anyone who has recently signed on to use your services. Add a colored bow and logoed note for that special touch.  


Sugar Cookies

These delicious sugar cookies will “bake” anyone feel better! And, by adding your logo onto the icing-coated top, these cookies almost look too good to eat – said no one ever!


Chocolate Caramels and Truffles

Just imagine opening up this sweet treat - it would definitely make anyone’s day! Filled with chocolate caramels and truffles, you’ll be able to drum up choc-A LOT of business by leaving memorable impressions at your clients’ doorsteps.

Need more sweet product ideas? We have hundreds of other items that will delight your clients! Reach out to us today.   

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