5 Festive Promotional Products for Holiday Parties

  • Dec 15, 2022

The holidays can get pretty hectic, so it’s always nice to receive some wise advice to help you through the celebrations. Our first piece of advice is to use mistletoe strategically. Your partner’s cat-lady aunt has her eye on you and that’s not how you want this holiday to go down…

Okay, we also have great promotional product advice. Season’s greetings also mean season’s meetings, and a whole bunch of them! That means there’s a great opportunity to get your brand on some amazing promotional products. Here are 5 festive holiday promo products we think will get you started.


1. Midnight Madness Horns

 Midnight Madness Horns

Aside from Dick Clark and the dropping of the ball, nothing is quite as iconic on New Year’s Eve as these celebratory horns. Now, wherever your customers go, you’ll be right there with them on New Year’s Eve to bring in the new year.


2. LED Gift Box

 LED Gift Box

They say good things come in small packages. Do awesome things come in awesome packages? Probably! These LED gift boxes are perfect for gift giving, but they also make really fun decorative pieces. Most gift wrap gets tossed away or re-used later, but this box can be part of the party!


3. Champagne Flute

 Champagne Flute

The holidays are a time for celebration and that means many people will be breaking out the bubbly. A branded champagne or wine glass is an important way to get your brand out there during the big moments like family parties, fireside chats, and even those midnight fireworks!


4. Lightbulb Necklace

 Lightbulb Necklace

If you can’t decorate yourself, what’s the point? Right? These awesome holiday lightbulb necklaces are great for branding and they let your customer know that your brand is full of bright ideas!


5. Holiday Plush Party Favor

 Holiday Plush Toy

Picture two scenarios. In the first, a person goes to a party, has a nice time, goes home and goes to sleep. In the second, that person goes to a party, has a nice time, and receives a complimentary stuffed reindeer with your brand’s logo front-and-center. Which of those scenarios do you prefer? We pick the second! Get your logo on a stuffed animal and watch as both you and this plush creature are loved and adored.

Need help finding any more promo products for the holidays? Just give us a call and we’ll get you set up.



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